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Working Artists in the ‘Burgh

Some of the hardest-working people I know in Pittsburgh are artists. Many of them work in relative obscurity, following their creative muse. It’s a ‘burgh thing as much as pierogies, the three rivers and dancing policemen. I recently reviewed an exhibit for the Pittsburgh City Paper. DØ.YOU.ND3RST@ND? runs January 15 – February 13th at Future Tenant, a gallery on Penn Avenue run by CMU’s Master of Arts Management (MAM) program. The work on display explores the impact of technology on the ways human beings communicate (or don’t). It’s enjoyable, humorous and thought-provoking. If Andy Warhol were still alive, I’m sure he would be using Facebook[1]. So check the exhibit out and afford the participants their fifteen minutes of fame.  


One of my favorite group of artists in Pittsburgh are the Amish Monkeys. I know Gina (who works at the gym where I excercise) and her husband Frank, who run the improv troupe. Each of the members has a day job to pay the bills, but they have a lot of fun performing. More importantly, the audience has fun watching them. I’ve seen them on stage three or four times and always go back. I recommend catching them at Gemini Theater or other venues around Pittsburgh.


The following aren’t local, but intrigued me:


[1] Warhol’s own idea of work seemed lackadaisical at best. He commented, “I suppose I have a really loose interpretation of "work" because I think that just being alive is so much work at something you don’t always want to do it.”



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