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April Storytelling Workshop on Work and Identity in Southwestern Pennsylvania

April 10 and 14, ArtSpace105 Homestead Pennsylvania  

Sponsored by the Steel Valley Arts Council


Come Share Your Story!


Whether you work with your hands or your head, I want to hear from you. If you’re native to Southwestern Pennsylvania, what kind of work did your relatives and ancestors do?  If you’re new to the ‘burgh, what kind of work brought and keeps you here? How does your identity and sense of self connect with your work and the work your community and members of your family did?


Workshops are scheduled April 10th from 2 – 3:30 and April 14th 7 – 8:30  at ArtSpace105 on 105 E. 8th Avenue in Homestead. They include a free thirty-minute educational lecture on the changing face of labor in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Parents, caregivers and relatives are encouraged to attend with older children (8 and up).


To participate and reserve a place, please, e-mail or call 412-378-5013.



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