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New Book at ALCStudies

Advanced Labor & Cultural Studies has published a book of photos and journal entries from my 2011 canoeing and cycling trip on the Erie Canal. Some of these photos appeared previously in a 2012 calendar. Additional photos and accompanying commentary appear with new and original text. This book will appeal to readers interested in history, culture and mindful, self-powered pursuits. Please see the following description. This book will be provided as a premium for donations of $75 and above supporting our projects. Or, click the image to preview and purchase directly at Thanks. — CDL

Between Labor Day and September 11th 2011 Chuck Lanigan canoed and cycled a portion of the Erie Canal between Lockport and Rochester New York. He took photos and kept a journal of the towns, individuals and experiences he encountered on the way. This book presents stories often overlooked among the interstates and our preoccupation with virtual experience in the 21st century.
Please click to preview or purchase.
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