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Gently Torn from the Headlines: The Conflation of Science and Magical Thinking

You could not ask for a better case study of the conflation of science and magical thinking presented here on 8/17 than in the news this past week.

U.S. Congressman Todd Akin, who (ironically) serves on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology and is running for the Senate, has his own charmed — not to say fantastical — concept of biology. (No pun intended.) Women are wonderful creatures, if at times presenting a conundrum to themselves and men in certain aspects of their operation. But Mr. Akin needs to be educated on their design. Please see the NYT column by Maureen Dowd, who in addition to being a red-haired foxy lady is smart.

I think Mark Twain would have enjoyed meeting Congressman Akin. The latter would have confirmed Mr. Twain’s convictions. He confirms mine that everything old is new. – DA

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