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Tuberculosis in the 50s (Fiction)

Throughout human history people have been afraid of tuberculosis, AKA the white death. Please listen to the following installments from a work-in-progress about a young woman diagnosed with the disease in the 1950s. This is from a draft of a novel submitted to us by an anonymous reader and read by Chuck Lanigan, one of our staff.

1. In which we are introduced to our heroine.

2. Nan arrives home from school to find a visitor with tobacco-stained teeth.

3. Leaving behind the present.

4. The San.

5. The White Rabbit and a New Friend.


Cresson PA TB Sanatorium Historical Marker

Cresson TB Sanatorium Historical Marker, Cresson PA

Photo: PA State Sanatorium for Tuberculosis, Cresson PA

PA State Sanatorium for Tuberculosis, Cresson PA (Pennlive)

Pennlive Article

Historical Summary:  The TB Sanatorium Movement (The Working Group for New TB Drugs)

On the Lake: Life & Love in a Distant Place (Film Documentary, YouTube)

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