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Tuberculosis in the 50s (Fiction)

Throughout human history people have been afraid of tuberculosis, AKA the white death. Please listen to the following installments from a work-in-progress about a young woman diagnosed with the disease in the 1950s. This is from a draft of a novel submitted to us by an anonymous reader and read by Chuck Lanigan, one of our staff.

Episodes 1-4 (Approx. 25 minutes):

  1. In which we are introduced to our heroine
  2. Nan arrives home from school to find a visitor with tobacco-stained teeth
  3. Leaving behind the present
  4. The San

Episodes 5-9 (Approx. 28 minutes):

  1. The White Rabbit and a New Friend
  2. Francine
  3. Lulu
  4. Dr. Frasier
  5. Things to Do

Latest Episode:

Cresson PA TB Sanatorium Historical Marker

Cresson TB Sanatorium Historical Marker, Cresson PA

Photo: PA State Sanatorium for Tuberculosis, Cresson PA

PA State Sanatorium for Tuberculosis, Cresson PA (Pennlive)

Pennlive Article

Historical Summary:  The TB Sanatorium Movement (The Working Group for New TB Drugs)

On the Lake: Life & Love in a Distant Place (Film Documentary, YouTube)

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