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Woody & Marjorie Canceled 9-5/9-6

Celebration Of Woody Guthrie’s Songs and Stories for Labor Day 2015

Note:  The September 5th and 6th dates have been canceled and the show postponed indefinitely.

September 5th 2015 6:00 PM Dinner (7:30 PM show time)
September 6
th 2015 12:30 PM Brunch (2:00 PM show time)

On Labor Day weekend 2015, the Omni William Penn in Pittsburgh presents a celebration of Woody Guthrie’s songs and stories to honor Southwestern Pennsylvania workers past and present. Woody & Marjorie: Hard Traveling, combines live music and readings centered around the lives of Woody Guthrie and his wife Marjorie Mazia. The show includes favorites such as This Land is Your Land along with Hard Traveling and others.

Woody Guthrie was an iconic musician of the 1930s and 40s. Mazia danced with the Martha Graham Company in the 1940s. Guthrie and Mazia had a passionate relationship marked by creativity and true devotion, despite his restless wanderings and the losses and struggles they faced together. The show celebrates the uniqueness and continued relevance of his work in helping us find our individual and collective stories. These stories connect more than divide us, and help us know who we are and who we can become.

Woody & Marjorie: Hard Traveling is presented as part of a special Omni Labor Day package that includes:

  • Dinner or brunch in the Terrace Room

  • Live performance in the Three-Rivers room

For reservations please call the Omni William Penn at 412-553-5235 or email


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