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‘Virtually Yours’ August 16th

Pittsburgh’s Cabaret at Theater Square Premieres Virtually Yours August 16th
A Rom-Com Road Trip for the New Millennium
(Note: This event has changed from the original August 2nd date.)

On August 16th, the Cabaret at Theater Square in Pittsburgh presents Virtually Yours, a new play added to their late-night 2014 series. Inspired by the screwball comedies of the 1930s, the show provides a fresh take on finding love in the age of celebrity and social networking. Diane Williams, entitled heiress and member of the one-percent, runs away from her wealthy software industry CEO father to marry Alex Larson, a media celebrity and reality show star. On the way she meets Greg Mason, an ex-newspaper reporter and aspiring social media guru. As the two travel together, Mason is determined to exploit the celebrity couple’s story for his own ends. Complications arise when he and Diane fall in love.

The show will appeal to Gen Y, Gen X, Baby Boomers and anyone else navigating romance and relationships in the New Millennium. Can true love prevail over wealth, rude behavior and fifteen minutes of fame?

Performance Date: August 16th 2014
Location: Cabaret at Theater Square, Downtown Pittsburgh
Tickets $10.00 at the Door

The live read is sponsored by Advanced Labor & Cultural Studies.
For more information on this venue and scheduled event, please call 412-325-6769 or visit

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